Curating the best playlists on spotify

Playlisted is a project curated by German book-blogger and influencer Jasper Vormschlag best known from

I am a passionate user of spotify and huge fan of movies and series such as Dune, Lord of the Rings and Avatar. I want to create playlists for people from the fanbases that share my passion for soundtracks.

Also, I create playlists for German audiodramas and audiobooks.

You are an artist and think your songs might be fitting in to one or more of my playlists? Just contact me on instagram or whatever way you prefer and suggest some songs to me.

You would like to support me and my work? Then please consider making a donation via ko-fi.



Rings of Power


With this project I hope to create the playlists that users are missing on spotify – and to give lesser-known artists the opportunity to get independent from spotify’s own curated playlists.

You can support my work here:

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